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Gamca medical status

So if you are looking for jobs in Gulf countries or you already got new jobs in Gulf countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, or Kuwait it is required to do the GCC medical test to make sure that you are medically and physically fit for the job.

Also, it is best to do a medical checkup from Gulf Approved Medicals for employment visa Process. Hence GCC countries assigned to some well known approved medical centres in the region of most of the countries to do the GAMCA medical test procedure as per standard and have to do the test from there only. It is not required to afraid of medical examination. Normally if you are physically, mentally and medically fit then they will pass the medical examination.

Gamca gcchmc Medical Slip Report Online

If you have some serious diseases in the nervous system, lung scares, allergies in skins or white spot they may mark as fail. If an employee or resident visa holder has below-listed are diseases then Gulf Approved Medical clinics are considering employee or resident is medically not fit to work in Gulf countries. Do i require medical fitness report to proceed employment visa application in Oman?

What are documents required for visa medical? Also please suggest an authorized medical center in Dubai. I was having bone tuberculosis at Pelvis starting point of right leg from back side it was not chest tuberculosis and i did treatment complete course of 12 months and it was cured successfully AlhamduLillah and i passed medical Test for UAE and got visa of UAE but if i do blood medical test still the result comes positive even i dont have any infection or Sinus and MRI shows everything clear.

My question is, should i appear to GAMCA test and would they accept my logic of coming this test positive due to previous history or simply on the behalf of test report they will reject me without considering any reason? Hi, I am currently living in Kuala Lumpur but willing to rellocate in Bahrain soon. Originally i am from sri lanka. I am working in Qatar. As my wife is working in Oman we are planning to take a family visa there.

For that I have to submit a medical test certificates. Can you suggest the approved medical centre names in Doha. Thanks in advance!!! Actually, these GAMCA medical checkups are a pre-medical test to ensure that you are medically fit for jobs and stay in that particular gulf country.

They normally requesting to do the medical test from any authorised and Well know medical clinics like Aster, DM healthcare, Unity Medical clinic etc. Even in Bahrain or Qatar some companies accepting a medical report from well known normal medical clinics.Sometimes, medical issues can crop up and pose hindrance on the way of career related ambitions. If you are thinking of bagging a plum job in the Gulf countries, that risk may exist.

GAMCA Medical Report Check Online For Visa -How to Check Medical Report Online

While the necessity of undergoing extensive medical tests for getting work visa may seem tedious to a section of people, the GAMCA medical examination has not been made mandatory for getting a work visa in Gulf countries without reasons.

The countries in the Middle East want to ensure that workers from specific Asian countries get entry to their countries for employment only when they do not carry certain ailments and infections. There is no denying some Asian countries are known for subpar mass hygiene and higher rates of infectious diseases.

If you cannot clear the test, it nullifies your scope of getting a job in the Gulf countries and staying there on work visa forever. It does not take much time to undergo the test and obtain the outcome for an applicant. The candidate should not have any kind of ailments affecting the nervous system or something that can be deemed a neurological disorder. The candidates are disqualified if they are found to have allergy related ailments too.

Under this section, the eye condition of the applicant is checked thoroughly. Any visual deficit is noted. The candidate should be devoid of contagious eye related ailments and infections as well. The hearing efficacy of the candidate is also checked along with ear related ailments and infections.

Extensive health tests are carried out under this section. Major body organs like heartlungs are checked. Blood pressure and skin conditions are also checked in detail at this stage.

Skin related contagious diseases are noted. The candidates are also checked for presence of gland related ailments. Women candidates, if pregnant should be less than 7 months in gestation period. Candidates are also scanned for any venereal ailments.

Next, the urine, Stool and blood of the candidates get tested extensively. The liver and kidney function is also tested at this stage.

Validity of Medical reports of Gamca

Along with infectious ailments of certain types, candidates appearing from GAMCA may fail the test if they possess these non-contagious ailments. The reality is once you fail in the test it results in a lifelong ban on you and you cannot apply for jobs in those nations any more.

First of all, go through the GAMCA medical test website to get the list of diseases including contagious ones that may make you ineligible for the tests. Then, seek treatment for such ailments found in your body.

If the doctor advises taking any medication to reduce symptoms or get rid of infections, take it as prescribed.

It would be good to seek therapies to make mind relaxed if you have conditions like hypertension. Only when the doctor certifies you are free of these ailments or infections, appear for the GAMCA medical test. Maanasi specializes in health topics including diet and nutrition. A mother of an untiring seven year old, she enjoys nurturing her love affair with English.Employer recommending to do this because to ensure the employee is medically fit for visa process and job.

As well as you can find Updated gulf approved medical test charges. GAMCA medical slip validity will be till the date of appointment. Once the test is completed then normally within 24 hours you will get the report. Hello iam k. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Save Saved Removed 1.

gamca medical status

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gamca medical status

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gcchmc medical status

Remember me. Don't have an account? Sign Up. Reset Password. Username or E-mail. Get new password. Compare items. Total 0.Dear Mr.

gamca medical status

Sumithran, I am from Hyderabad, India. My certificate is attested by saudi embassy through my consultant. Now recently I got one more offer from Muscut. Is there any problem in considering my job in Muscut after completing my medicals for Saudi. Quickly decide on which one is the better one of the two and inform the other employer of your inability to continue on further, and request that your candidature be dropped.

Sumitran, Thanks for your reply. I already told my decision with my consultant a week days back, before my positive medical test with GAMCA. Will these medical reports are okay with Oman.

Hi baloo71, As long as the clinic is GAMCA approved and the reports are within 3-months old, the same test results should suffice. My medical school are valid upto Sep Whom should I approach for this. Hi baloo71, Given the circumstances, it would be best for you to get a fresh set of tests done at an approved GAMCA clinic.

If you are moving to Oman with your family, it is important to consider If you are moving to Oman, you may wish to bring your dog or cat with This article offers a comprehensive guide for obtaining a driving license This article has useful information about the step-by-step process on how Muscat, Omans capital city, is a thriving waterfront metropolis, with a If you are moving to Oman, opening a local bank account is essential to Can I claim health insurance as an expat if I'm contaminated by the New week for the Expat.

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Participate in our survey on the effects of the current crisis on your expat project. Validity of Medical reports of Gamca. Member since 27 July Oman Expert. Member since 04 October New topic.


Find more topics on the Muscat forum. New members of the Oman forum, introduce yourselves here - Dear Brother, Its Depend on your Medical Center,Most medical Center give report on the next day,some medical center give report on 3rd day.

Send your Passport NO in my whatsapp no i will tell you the status of your medical. Dear sir my medical completed on 18th Dec they said I was fit in medical test but still it not showing in site what I can I do please suggest.

Post a Comment. So Please Follow My Blog. Author Social Links. Full width home advertisement. How to check Gamca Medical Report Status. To check the status go to the following website…. Then click on services on the top line.

Then click on Gamca. You can check your medical report status on two ways. Gamca Slip No. Passport Number. Please follow my page for more important information regarding visa. Tags: ksa. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Bottom Ad [Post Page]. Powered by Blogger.So take it seriously. If you have any doubt? No other way to pass this medical examination.

Now it very difficult to get any chance to work in the Gulf countries. This is not an ordinary test. Without the medical certificate, you can't go there. Go to medical center: Once you get the medical center address directly go there without any delay. You can also go there next day, but if you have time try to go there same day. Then they will proceed your medical examination.

Go for medical test: In this, following test will be there Physical test, mental test, eye test, dental test, x-ray test, urine test, blood test and so on.

Below described in details about each medical test. Get medical result: You can get your medical result within working days. It could be varied according to different clinics. Chest X-ray should indicate that the applicant is free from Tuberculosis or any signs indicate the existence of fibrosis, calcifications, bronchiectasis or tumor. Urine: A complete urine analysis shall be made, on condition that its results should be within the normal limits, provided that it should not contain sugar, albumin or bilharzia in endemic areas.

Stool: An analysis should be made for the stool for any gastrointestinal parasites. A stool culture should be done in order to ascertain that it does not include salmonella, Shigella and cholera in endemic areas. Blood: 3-a - A complete blood picture shall be made on condition that the results should be within the normal limits, and that hemoglobin percent should not be less than.

Infectious Diseases. Are you from India. Please follow the below points.They are two names of the same organization. God forbids if they find an infectious disease, you may have to face a ban for some period. This is the reason, it is always suggested to go through the same medical test from a private laboratory in your country and see if there is some deficiency.

You can improve the identified deficiency with the consultation of some doctors. Following documents are required to take a medical test for a Saudi visa.

It means you need to stamp your visa on passport within 90 days of issuance of such a medical test report. In the case of pregnancy, a NOC from the Saudi Embassy is required by the medical center to exempt the applicant from radioactive exposure. With this NOC, pregnant women only need a blood test and urine test and eye checkup. You can request the NOC from Etimad by submitting the following documents. You will receive the NOC within days after which the lady can visit the medical center for the Saudi medical test.

Children under the age of 12 only need to go to designated medical centers approved by GAMCA and submit original passport and 2 photos and visa. They will check weight height and ask if vaccines are given regularly and issue a medical fit certificate. There is no need for laboratory tests. The fee for the medical test of children is significantly lesser than the fee of normal medical tests for Saudi Visa.

Applicants for Gulf countries can check their medical reports online at the following link. You just need to enter the applicant's passport number and select your nationality. In case of an unfit medical report, don't bribe someone to make it good.

You will have to go through another medical test for Saudi Iqama. If you don't pass that test, your Iqama will not be processed. Bonus Tip: Make sure you carry a fit to fly certificate signed and stamped by a gynecologist before taking the flight.


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