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High end mods only

Please verify your age to enter. Original designs beautifully crafted from the highest quality materials, authentic high-end mods represent the epitome of style, originality, workmanship, superior performance and overall excellence. Notify me when this product is available:. Made in the USA, the Flip V3 by V3tronix is a 22mm telescopic mod with a unique, striking appearance and innovative features. If you prefer clean lines and simplicity, this This is the original Overdose, all copper from end to end, The NZonic is a beautifully constructed telescoping mechanical mod from Madz Modz of the Philippines.

Constructed of brass or food-grade stainless steel with brass accents, the NZonic comes with SMK Mods set out to produce an affordable, no-frills mechanical mod that rivals the higher-priced competition in both build quality and performance.

They achieved their goal with the Flagship, an There's something a little intriguing about the original Scud mechanical mod. Search the web and you'll find almost no information.

That's unusual for a such a beautiful device designed and Vainglory, conceit, vanity - not particularly attractive personality traits. But if the Vanagloria could speak, it would have every reason to brag about its own worth. Created by Project Septem The Mortar is quite compact and features an inner vented telescoping tube to accommodate, and Constructed of medical-grade stainless steel with a brushed finish, the Shotgun is Compact and easy to use, the SMPL is The Sir Lancelot Reborn follows the original 3-tube modular version with spring-loaded switch.

Launched inthe Reborn version is a 22mm single-tube mod with a recessed magnetic switch. This stunning version of the iconic Stingray mech mod by JD Tech of the Philippines features a copper body wrapped in brushed titanium with black chrome stainless-steel end caps and The Phenom mod by Vicious Ant is appropriately named because, quite frankly, it is phenomenal!

Big Ali High End Mods Only, You Twats

Like all Vicious Ant devices, the Phenom's build quality and aesthetics are a tribute to The Fuego by Filipino modder Vaping Kiko Designs is a beautiful little mech mod that flew off the shelves when it was first released.

More were produced as the Fuego Another gorgeous mod from Grand Vapor of the Philippines, the Private V3 is a telescoping mod that accommodates, and batteries sold separately. The body, top cap, and The Pumper 18 Squonk Mod from Asmodus is a light-weight bottom-feed device with a luxurious, super high-quality stabilized wood finish.

The Emma mod is an homage to the creator's great-great Polynesian grandmother whose heavily tattooed image is beautifully engraved in exquisite detail on the main tube. Like the Tahiti Evo To put it another way, this baby hits like Sometimes it takes a trained eye to tell the difference between a well-executed clone and the real thing.

Not so with the Tahiti Evo mechanical mod. Chinese clone makers just We didn't think Masterpiece Custom Vapes MCV could produce a mod that hits harder than their Panzer mods, but they might have done just that with The mod featuresMany dont realized how hardcore the man Big Ali Vapor is. Hate him or love him, you got to respect what he does for his own community. HEMO has always been around controversy. There has even been blog articles that bash the group and you specifically, do you have any words for those people?

Some would say that the HEMO community has become the largest hardcore elitist vaping community and with its success it has also attracted a lot of heat from other vaping communities.

What is your take on this? My take is that many groups are trying to be like HEMO which is fine and good to this industry but they need to create their own vision and leave jealousy aside. As vaping evolves do you think that over time, the products you are vaping now will be obsolete also? Yes, we have banned China made mods and yes we did ban a few mods and modders and each ban was for a specific reason.

But lately, we have lifted the ban on these mods and kept on China mods only. As for the life of products…yes I think the industry is leveling up and that will leave some products outdated for sure. What are your favorite Atomizers? Favorite E-Liquid Brands? I do help other modders, yes. And I did that even before Nuccio was a modder, but because he is local to me I get to see what he does first hand.

You used to be known as the hellfire hunter, the name has changed since…are you still a big Attysmith hellfire collector? As the new atomizers in the market evolved, a lot of them vape the same as hellfire but address the issues I had with the past Hellfire atomizers. They were great for their time. One of the big reasons being safety. All of the H. Thank you for speaking with us, any last words to all the HEMO naysayers out there? Any shout outs? I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to explain what we are and what we do, our main goal is to help vapers get nice gear and to help other modders find a safe place to operate.Welcome, visitor!

Up for sale we have a large MarkBugz lot. Probably one of the more complete MarkBugs collections you will find being sold anywhere. MarkBugs is […]. Axis Vapes M17 Mini single It is number made. Really nice piece. Is has the DNA 75 chip. I will throw in a […]. Beautiful mod as you can see never left the house,rarely used, dna75c with escribe Color screen light wear on bottom edge Serial BLK Cerakoted finish […].

High End Regulated MODs

Vicious Ant Duke Stabilized wood mod 60 includes matching drip tip, bought directly from Vicious Ant and used it a hand full of times […]. This is a Unregulated squonk mod […].

Unregulated Box Mods iSkeith. Super Unicorn Ultra Own one of the most beautiful mods ever brought into existence. Unregulated Box Mods Nick Garrity. I am selling off my collection. This is for a Monarch mechanical, parallel mod. Made by Aspen Mod Co. Manufactured by vape-monster in Korea. Unregulated Box Mods Israel. Here I have an authentic avid lyfe box mod. It is completely with all original parts. As well as a silver spring. The box can […].

Unregulated Box Mods rastapharoah.In the modern age of vaping, clones that copy high quality and established goods are always going to exist in the marketplace. Clones of well-known vaping products have been penetrating the market more and more every day, but these clones lack quality and function over the products they are trying to imitate. There is no comparison to buying authentic box mods from well know, well established and reputable companies that pour their heart and soul into engineering and producing their products.

Purchasing authentic mods from Alluring Vapors shows your fellow vapers that you care about the quality and consistency of each cloud you chase. Browse our entire selection of authentic mods below and see why they are far superior to clones!

With Safety in mind, the Rogue Mod was Designed with The Admiral TVL Colt. This sleeve fits the Avid Lyfe Able Mod. Included: The Roundhouse Mod features a 24mm diameter, The Copper Edition Colt.

The Able Mod Each Gyre Mod is meticulously inspected and hand The Petri Lite The Able This sleeve fits the Avid Lyfe Able Mod The Able Mod is precision machined with The Able Mod is precision machined The Rig Mod V2 features the same The Ruby Mod features an battery tube, with a Kennedy This sleeve fits the Avid This sleeve POS and Ecommerce by Shopify.

TVL Brass Colt. TVL Copper Colt.Please verify your age to enter. Notify me when this product is available:. This beautiful RDA, designed and manufactured in The O. This dripper Now, the Citadel RDA is their latest and it's a flavor chaser's dream come Out of Stock. The pinnacle of Vicious Ant design, the Apex is a gorgeous 22mm single-coil RDA that combines fantastic flavor with a very smooth draw.

Limited to only units, the build Limited to only units The entire base is machined At first glance, the Alcatraz RDA appears handsome and understated but otherwise unremarkable. Constructed of food-grade stainless steel, the Gauntlet features a unique "inside-out" airflow system. Air enters under the The Kayfun Lite is the surprise successor to the world-renowned Kayfun Lite which was released way back in We say "surprise" because no one saw it coming.

Famous for their line of high-end drip tips, 2 Puffs jumped into the rebuildable atomizer market with the 2P Atty. If you The Temple Mini by Vaperz Cloud is a 24mm dual-post RDA with a unique airflow design that allows you to tailor your airflow preferences to the smallest detail. With aHave peace of mind when purchasing vape goods online with our curated list of best online vape store.

When we say Domestic, we are referring to the United States. When we say International, for the most part, we are referring to China. There are definitely some pros and cons to buying both domestically and overseas, it really depends on you the buyer.

high end mods only

Here is a quick breakdown between buying domestically vs abroad. This means lower prices for you. Every situation and transaction is different, but this is our general rule of thumb:. One mod I bought from them was DOA and they sent out a prepaid return label, no questions asked, and shipped out a replacement quickly. Never heard bad news about them and orders arrived quickly. The website looks a bit outdated, but VaporDNA is definitely one of the best online vape stores when it comes to price and customer service.

With the largest selection of e-liquid, from your favorite creamy flavors to the undeniable menthol flavors, eJuices should be your one-stop online shop for all your vape juice needs. With over 52, reviews, you can rest assured that you are ordering juice from a company that people trust. Located in Las Vegas, EightVape was started by 3 friends who were connected thru vaping. They offer a large selection of products at affordable prices.

They have grown so fast and have experienced some growing pains, but they are super legit. Located in California and started inVape, which started from a garage by 2 guys named Eric, has grown to become of the most trusted and reputable online vape stores. Vape Sourcing is one of the top authorized retailers of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid in China.

Best Trustworthy Online Vape Stores. Heaven Gifts. Vape Sourcing. Maybe it was because it was a giveaway, but it took over 3 weeks to get it to me.

You must be 21 years old to visit this site.

I did get the item though. They might handle actual purchases with a bit more quickness.Barbara, United States Norway Explorer, June 2015 The room we had in each hotel was always the best - good view, balcony, etc.

Sara was very responsive and diligent. Austyn, United States Golden Circle and South Coast, June 2015 Nordic visitor made my trip something I could share for a lifetime. Mary, United States South Iceland at Leisure, June 2015 Iceland was a life changer.

Victoria, United States Iceland Full Circle, June 2015 Nordic Visitor's travel package, itinerary, bookings for accommodations and optional activities was first rate. Yvonne, South Africa Golden Circle and South Coast, June 2015 Your itinerary, maps, suggestions, etc.

Constance, United States South Iceland at Leisure, June 2015 Everything about the tour was perfect. Geoff and Rosemarie Barby, Australia Custom Booking, June 2015 Sofia really looked after us, the emails were detailed and friendly and she just made our holiday a pleasure. PghPanther2014, United States The Natural Wonders of Iceland, June 2015 We were very satisfied with our tour (8 days around Iceland). Flowergirl, United Kingdom South Iceland at Leisure, June 2015 We have just returned from a week's self touring holiday of Reykjavik and Southern Iceland, arranged through Nordic Visitor.

Paula, United States Iceland Full Circle, June 2015 We've recently returned from holiday in Iceland. Annge, Australia The Natural Wonders of Iceland, May 2015 We have just returned from a 9 day bus trip arranged by Nordic Visitor.

Valeria, United States Golden Route of the Nordic Countries, May 2015 Sofia was great. Dawn, Australia Norway Explorer, May 2015 A really fabulous start to my Scandinavian adventure and the nutshell tour set the scene. Michelle, Canada Iceland Full Circle, May 2015 We really enjoyed our stay in all of the accommodations. Neil Orton, Netherlands Pearls of North Iceland, May 2015 thanks for your help Great service thanks.

Most helpful and reassuring that you provided us with that phone. Diana Beecham, United Kingdom South Iceland at Leisure, May 2015 The service we received at all our locations was excellent and the free upgrades were much appreciated and very unexpected. Thank you for a wonderful trip it really made our anniversary something to remember Jon, United States express iceland, May 2015 We absolutely loved the tour of Iceland.

Hellfire Mods Titan Review and Rundown - Smallest and Lightest High End Full Titanium Mod

Sara, United Kingdom Iceland Full Circle, May 2015 It has been a truly memorable visit and journey and I had always wanted to see Iceland. Cheryl, United Kingdom Iceland Full Circle, May 2015 Great trip, enjoyed the freedom of not having to worry about tour guides and groups while on the holiday, but having the luxury of someone with local knowledge make all the bookings and design the itinerary. Ellen, United States Iceland Full Circle, May 2015 The annotated map was great, the phone a life-saver.

Michael, United Kingdom Northern Comfort in a Holiday Cottage, April 2015 Anita was very helpful leading up to our trip. Karen, United States Iceland Full Circle - Winter, April 2015 What a tour. Annette, Australia Custom Booking, March 2015 Everything went very smoothly and with great ease. Michael, United Kingdom Northern Lights City Break, March 2015 Excellent documentation, all tours were of a very high standard, in particular the guides.

Chelsea, United Kingdom Icelandic Winter Highlights, March 2015 Fantastic tour would recommend to anyone. Teri, United States Northern Lights City Break, February 2015 We felt taken care of the whole time we were in Iceland.

high end mods only

Marilyn, Canada Iceland Full Circle - Winter, February 2015 I was extremely happy with the entire experience. Vandana, United States Lapland Aurora Break, February 2015 Cicci Erikson customized our trip exactly the way we wanted, every thing went smoothly, the employees at Kiruna tours were very friendly and cordial, I would recommend Nordic Visitor to my friends and will use them in the future. Nan, Canada Iceland Full Circle, February 2015 After reading many positive comments about Nordic Visitor I decided to book my Iceland Full Circle Winter Self-Drive tour through them and I was not disappointed.

David, United States Winter Romance, January 2015 My wife and I tend to be pretty independent when it comes to travel but for our honeymoon (Iceland, December-January 2014-2015) we decided a little help would be a nice change of pace.

Craig Moonlight Safari, January 2015 Christina, United States Iceland Winter World, December 2014 Thanks for everything. Raiwin, United Kingdom Iceland Winter World, December 2014 Nordic Visitor handled our enquiries very promptly and brilliantly.

Arkadiusz, Singapore Lapland Aurora Break, December 2014 My Travel Consultant Ms.

high end mods only

Kevin, United States New Year's Celebrations, December 2014 I highly recommend booking your nordic trip with Nordic Visitor. KandCBridgend, United Kingdom South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, November 2014 We have just returned from Iceland where we enjoyed a self drive tour arranged by Nordic visitor.

J Schmidt, United States South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, October 2014 We appreciated the maps and materials provided by our travel agent. Elizabeth, United States Scenic Fjords of Norway, September 2014 The hotels were excellent.


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