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Topping d70 vs d90

As with all Topping products, D90 came double boxed, the smaller product box has an insane amount of foam for extra protection. There is also a warranty card with a short introduction to multiple Topping products, there an USB Type-B cable, a screw type Bluetooth antenna, a power cable and a much-needed remote control for us, speaker-philes.

Topping is all about pure specs, numbers and measurements, the evil-scientist in me is pleased. What is there to love in a simple black box you might ask?

Another thing I like is that it has the same width as the Benchmark HPA4 and these two became best buddies for the past 2 weeks or so because of that. They look nice together and they make a great team on an office desk and if you are searching for a top-of-the-line desktop headphone rig, it just might be it.

D90 feels on the heavier side, with such a small foot-print and having 1. To me, D90 looks simplistic, has a clean look, you might even call it elegant looking. The case is beautifully crafted on a CNC machine.

As with DX7 PRO, the rubber feet are placed in 4 individual carved spaces on the aluminum case itself so you can be sure those feet will not move an inch if you are repositioning your DAC quite often as I do. The monochrome OLED screen is quite bright and offers 3 brightness levels.

All in all, I have nothing to complain in terms of design and looks. D90 is a pure DAC so obviously the headphone outputs have been dropped. The up and down buttons on the right will control its preamp volume level and if you are using it as a pure DAC please leave it at 0. Buttons are flushed and you can be sure that you will not accidentally press them.

An important thing to know is that if you want to unleash the full potential of D90, you will need to use the included remote. With it you can select from 6 digital filters that are working on the hardware level, you can select 3 brightness levels, desired input and output, the volume position.

If you plan on using just a single output on the back, I strongly recommend changing its output on that particular one without engaging both of them. By doing that, D90 will operate cooler and will be less prone to noise that might come from the other interconnect cable. This is a Very special chip and I will explain you why. If you are into computers, you probably know how important is the die-size of a CPU or GPU, a bigger size means it will have a higher performance and, in the process will consume way more electric power.

Same applies to DAC chips, as strange as it might sound, bigger DAC chips means better performance and much higher power consumption. Compared to the former AK DAC chip, the pin number doubled from 64 tothe die-size increased and the power consumption increased as well.

AK is also the first AKM chip to be current driven and not fully voltage driven. It eats current for breakfast and implementing two pieces of it means dissipating a lot more heat, using a much bigger power supply and doubling all the components around it. In simple words, it would use a much bigger case and the final assembled unit would be double the price.

Since Topping is trying to make high-performance DACs at affordable prices, for the moment a single AK design made a lot more sense to them. Who knows, maybe sometime in the future, dual-AK designs will be released from them as well. I hope that will happen sooner than later. To let the DAC chip, breathe and work at its maximum potential two femtosecond crystal clocks from Accusilicon were used controlled by the Altera FPGA for the best results. I evaluated the D90 performance in a headphone and in a speaker-based system.

However, truth to be told, since I am working full-time in my office, I listened to D90 a lot more connected to the Benchmark HPA4 and then to a trio of planar-magnetic headphones. I am not that easily impressed when it comes to audio sources, I evaluated more than 20 audio sources last year and out of all of those, probably only 3 of them created goose bump moments for me.

D90 is sounding easily in the top 3 DACs I tested at my place at any price point. They know how to involve you with their musical wizardry, with that intoxicating flow and naturalness, with that impressive holography and note placement in the room. They never properly shown me a clear sub-bass note that can be sustained for a second or two. This is the sole reason Matrix Audio Element X stayed at my side no matter what, it can be gentle, but it can also be a wild beast unleashing fast and energetic bass notes that strike fast, while being in total control and having everything breathing and at its place.We hope this is helpful for you as you make your purchasing decision!

L M DAC. Finally, I can listen to my rock without feeling that something is missing from my music. In this respect, D90 is sounding like a grown-up, balls to the wall DAC with authority has its chin up and knows to impress a music aficionado like myself. The only thing he probably needs to do is probably get a super tweeter for it, because the top end is a bit rolled off with the tiler and given the SMSL is a neutral deck — whatever you have will sound exactly the way it's meant to be.

For those of you who want that boosted top end, this is not it; it will reveal exactly what your system is. D90 is sounding easily in the top 3 DACs I tested at my place at any price point. Any music I would play, D90 would always unfold it like candy in front of me. I say save up and get this DAC. Your system bottleneck will no longer be the DAC. But, it's very important this has to be your taste, if you like something with a bit more color, then of course you look at the other DACs, but if you want a neutral DAC this is what you get.

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topping d70 vs d90

Musetec Audio. Quad Audio. Categories Popular Products. You are eligible for free shipping! Free Shipping. Lowest Price Guarantee.Forum Rules. Custom Design is UK based and make bespoke stands for all the classic British monitors among others.

They have a lighter, less-heavy look, open frame with fillable uprights. Custom Design. Welcome to the AudioShark Forums.

What's New? Results 1 to 12 of Has anyone either heard or purchased either one of these dacs? They both are hot as heck now, at least accordoing to the internet of things? Last edited by joeinid; May 18, at PM. Haven't heard either - sorry there. But, I have seen a lot of 'ink' on the D90 as of late, too. Interested to hear what people have to say.

I'd say the ADI-2 has been popular for a long time now due to its performance-to-cost ratio. Couple of caveats though. If you don't get comfortable with navigating the UI and understanding what things mean, you might accidentally change a setting and not know how to undo it.

Also I found the maximum gain setting caused audible distortion for signals close to or at 0dBFS, although that may have changed in a firmware update. I have D90 in my desktop system. I was planning to try in in my hi-man rig for some time The RME looks intimidating but I think it will not be too bad to setup. Highly detailed, never harsh and giant holosonic soundstage. Originally Posted by Elberoth.


The D90 got a good review on the Headfi forum but one guy bought one and it failed after 3 months. It needs to be sent back to china for repair. I think that if they offer service in the U. I think you need to get one Joe and compare. Chris 2 Chl : Pa ss xa I may connect it in my main system to see how it sounds against my Bricasti M3.

Originally Posted by Projectman. The AudioShark forum was created for sharing the passion of high-end Audio.Disclaimer: Topping provided the D90 free of charge for this review. I only had to pay the import fees and customs when it arrived at my doorstep. Topping is not affiliated with Headfonia in any way and not a site advertiser.

Many thanks for the generosity and opportunity! Topping is a Chinese company that makes all sorts of audio products. Topping has been founded in Since then they have gained in popularity in our community.

Their products have always provided a good price to performance ratio. Topping gave the D90 a multitude of different digital inputs. It comes with two analogue outputs. For a jitter as low as possible, Topping implemented two Accusilicon femto second clocks. Topping states, that they are using the CPLD to better control the signal processing by the Accuslicon clocks, which should provide better digital signal processing and improve signal quality.

Topping supplies a ton of different measurement values for the D When you browse through the user manual, you will see that they provide measurements done with Audio Precision gear. The D90 measures x 45 x mm WxHxD and puts on 1. The D90 arrived in a medium sized black box with a silver embossed Topping logo on top.

There also is a Hi-Res Audio sticker on the box. People love seeing logos. The D90 sits securely in the box, stored in between layers of hardened foam. You will also find an infrared remote control no batteriesa power chord as well as a manual and a warranty card.

A Bluetooth antenna is also supplied. The build quality of the D90 is rock solid in my opinion. With 1.

Topping D90 Review – A Genre Master!

The D90 stayed firmly put in my shelves. On the back of the unit you have all digital inputs and analogue outputs. On the right side you have volume adjustment.Disclaimer: Topping D70 was sent to us free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank team Topping for this opportunity. If I would ask you few years ago about Topping you would raise your shoulders, however nowadays it is a different picture as this brand also rhymes with good sound quality at very affordable prices.

Topping took by storm the affordable audio market by releasing interesting desktop and portable units, their DX and D line are still very popular among audio enthusiasts. Grab a glass of wine, lean back and continue reading as our detailed D70 DAC review is incoming shortly. Unboxing experience is really good, I already see signs of safety, care and attention to detail. D70 came double boxed for extra protection. Second black box is surprisingly thick and is surrounded by lots of foam.

What really caught my attention was the user manual. It is a rare sight when an audio manufacturer is publishing actual audio performance measurements in the user manual. I like that all the usual audiophile marketing snake-oil is not present in the manual, just pure specs and facts. They got my attention with the release of D70, now they got my respect. As opposed to D50 and DX7, D70 is offered only in black. I was actually quite stunned by the clean look of D70, how nicely it is put together and how solid it feels in the hand.

Fit and finish is excellent, I think it looks really simple and will not attract a lot of attention to it. As a result, the WAF wife-acceptance-factor is really high. The display is dimmed by default so the cat eyes of our bellowed ones will hardly notice it.

Black on black is my kind of beauty. D70 is nor too heavy or lightweight, small or huge, at 2 Kg 4. What stood up from the moment I picked it up was the case-work, it is much thicker than I anticipated.

The whole case is a milled CNC aluminum case, only the front and the back-plate were attached separately by some screws. The front panel looks sandblasted, which should resist scratches in the long run. You should know that the buttons on the front panel will control only the basic features of D70, only the remote control will unleash the full potential of D With it, you can select the desired analog output, they are both working together by default; however, I do recommend shutting down the output which you will not be using for a cooler case.

You can select 6 digital filters that are integrated inside the DAC chips themselves, they do make a change but a really small one, most of them are playing with the sub-sonic treble area. I personally feel filter 3 sounds the most technical and musical in the same time and offers the best of both worlds.

The remote will also offer 3 brightness levels and the usual stuff like volume adjustment and selecting the digital input. The volume control of D70 reminds me that it can also be used as a pre-amp for a power-amp or for some powered active speakers.

topping d70 vs d90

Up until few months ago this was their flagship chip, dethroned only by the newest AKEQ. D70 uses two high-performance Femto-second crystal clocks from Accusilicon, one works at Both clocks are part of the AS Professional Series that are offering very low phase noise, long term stability and of course low jitter.

D70 uses lots of audio grade capacitors from Nichion, few of them are Nichion Muse — highly regarded by the audio enthusiasts. Power filtering is done by a very stable toroidal transformer, followed by few ultra low-noise power regulators to provide clean power to the sensitive analog and digital circuitry. On the D70 official pageTopping is also offering few measurements, same can be found in the user manual.

D70 is having a linear frequency response and a low harmonic distortion of dB and an impressive channel cross-talk of dB. If you ever tested a Benchmark AHB2 or HPA4 you probably know how transparent and colorless are both units, with them you will be listening to your source and to the speaker or headphone diaphragm, with them I am picking the sound signature of any source quite easily.

I am listening to it for about 2 weeks and it stayed powered On all this time to burn-in all those capacitors and warm-up the rest of the circuitry. D70 was used in a balanced configuration for the best results.

I first connected it to Benchmark HPA4 followed by two pairs of very sensitive IEMs and later on was used driving 2 planar-magnetic headphones.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Forums New posts Search forums. Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Latest Thread Images. Topping D JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter m-i-c-k-e-y Start date Feb 27, Post 1 of There is this new rave of an excellent sounding and measuring DAC at affordable price Last edited: Feb 27, Feb 27, at AM. Post 2 of MQA model is delayed due to corona virus. So no longer March 1st. Pairs well with the THX amps.

Its a Dac.

Topping D70 DAC Review

Tiny differences at best anyway. But it doesn't sound the same as the Sabre E. Last edited: Feb 28, Post 3 of Yes, it doen't have its own thread. So might as well made one Share This Post. Feb 27, at PM.

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topping d70 vs d90

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Best TOPPING D90 USB DAC Hi Res Audio HIFI Decoder

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