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Uv resin torch

I've written about light curing resins before - also before I got to use it myself - and have been fascinated by the concept from the day I heard of it. My practical use has just made this fascination bigger.

uv resin torch

They're smart! I think the technology - or the chemistry - comes from the dental world, where stuff like this is used to fix teeth. The idea of not having a prolonged working period, no "deadline", not having heat develop while curing as well as working with something that isn't inherently toxic probably appeals even more to dentists than it does to fly tyers. And that actually sums up the advantages of these new glues, bonds, resins or whatever you prefer to call them:.

You tie you fly as you normally would if you were to use epoxy. The steps where you apply epoxy are just replaced with applying LCR. Most products come in small bottles or syringes, and have fine tips, which makes it easy to apply on even very small flies. You can use the tip of the bottle to distribute it and build up the shape you want, or you can use a dubbing needle if that suits you better.

There is no mixing or preparation process, but the compounds are used right out the bottle. There are different viscosities, but most are much like mixed epoxy: fluid, but with a high viscosity and pretty slow to "run". This makes it easy to distribute the compound on the fly, and by rotating and tipping the fly, you can get it to run where you want it. Unlike epoxy this maneuver can last as long as you want. As soon as the shape is as you want it, you shine a special light on the bond, mostly from a small flashlight-like lamp, which emits UV or a special blue light, and the resin sets and hardens in seconds.

So you don't need an epoxy rotor either. Once it's cured the fly is ready to fish - or ready to have further materials added.

There's no waiting for it to fully harden or set. The hardening process usually lasts a few seconds or maybe seconds for the thickest applications. You can apply several layers if you want, and build up the shape you want. You can even combine the different varieties of the same product and use special coating resins for the last layer. Many brands come in different viscosities: thicker for building up volume and thinner for penetrating material or using as a varnish.

Some of the products on the market also come in a flexible version that cures to a more rubbery feel, much like hot melt glue. Thanks to the quick curing, you can use it for gluing on eyes, gill plates and even other materials like flash, feathers and hair.

Best uv light resin curing for 2019

Bug-Bond Comes in two flavors Original and Lite, the latter being "thinner" and more fluid. Both cure up hard, but the original is easier to build up while the Lite is thinner and more like a varnish.

Bug-Bond cures up non-tacky provided you use the right light and correct curing time. Bug-Bond still has some flexibility after curing and will not crack like epoxy.The only producer in the market of the new rechargeable UV nm nanometer light with a specified wavelength to dry the resin immediately. All the products are high-quality and guaranteed to be tack-free. Resins and UV flashlights are especially designed for fly tying by strictly following the requirements of UV resin professionals.

For example, Gulff is one of the only manufacturers offering very effective nm UV flashlights tailored for fly-tying. Clear and coloured Gulff resin products can be used for realistic flies, strike points, predator streamers, worms, dark details, fly body building and clear finishing — anything.

The resin concept, with the advantages it provides, represents the best of the industry. Due to the high-quality GULFF resin product, the resins cure quickly, and there are almost no unwanted smells produced during curing. You can choose from several different resin products to create a range of impressive flies. The resin should be cured by taking a UV flashlight and holding it at a distance of cm from the surface of the resin, evenly directing the light towards each side of this surface.

After curing, allow the surface of the resin to cool for about 5 seconds, without touching it. If the resin surface has been cured properly, it will be either shiny or matte, depending on the choice of resin, but it will always be free of stickiness.

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UV Resin – How to use UV Resin [Tutorial]

The product is already in the wishlist! Description Reviews 0 Description. Reviews There are no reviews yet. All Rights Reserved. Site hosted with supportHQ.Blowing on bubbles can cause the bubbles to pop, this is true, but it's also a super slow process.

Applying it to their wet piece, a heat gun or hair dryer pushes the tinted resin around creating cells, lacing and other cool effects! June Krause the. There is simply no match for the heat and intensity of a torch - it's the only method we use here at the ArtResin studio. Not only will a torch help get rid of bubbles, but the flame actually incinerates surface dust in the process. Once you've used a torch, you'll never want to go back to any other method!

How do you know which one to use and when? Our suggestion is that if you're new to using a torch, start with butane. When you become comfortable, invest in a propane torch.

uv resin torch

Butane torches are a great introductory tool and will do the job nicely on most pieces of artwork:. Both butane and propane torches are straightforward to fill and easy to operate.

Let's run through everything you need to know, from fuelling them to using them:. When you purchase a butane torch, you'll also need to purchase a canister of butane fuel to fill it with: butane refill canisters can easily be found at any hardware store. Before you purchase a butane refill canister, be sure to check the valve at the bottom of the torch to ensure you buy the correct one:.

This the part that seems intimidating but totally isn't First, locate the Gas Gage on the side of the torch and slide it down to the lowest setting. Next, find the Child Safety Lock located under the Ignition Button and slide it down until it clicks into place. Then, placing your thumb on the Ignition Button, press it down to ignite the flame.

Keeping your thumb depressed on the Ignition Button, turn the torch to locate the Continuous Lock Button located on the side of the torch. Slide the Continuous Lock button to the 'on' position to maintain the flame. Adjust the intensity of the flame using the gas gage. Now your torch is ready to go! When you purchase a Propane Torch Head, you also need to purchase a propane tank to attach it to. You can easily find propane tanks like the ones below at the hardware store.

Either one works perfectly well!

UV Resin Guide – Mastering the Fast Curing Resin for your Projects

Remove the cap from the propane tank and screw the torch head on. Once the torch head is screwed onto the tank, open the valve to release the gas, and click the ignition button to light the flame. Adjust the valve to increase or decrease the intensity of the flame. And there you have it!

So whether it's a handheld butane torch or a propane torch for larger pieces, once you try out a torch you'll never go back to any other method to remove bubbles from your resin, we promise! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.January 19, Categorie s : GuideMost popular articles.

What is UV resin?

Cheap UV Light VS Real UV Light (Nitecore Cu6 and P20UV) - PROOF of Why You Should Go Real

And for which application is it particularly suitable? We have put together everything you need to know, a UV resin test and a guide with tips and tricks for you. Furthermore you will find out where you can buy the best UV Resin. UV cure resin is related to the normal epoxy resin, but it differs significantly in its processing:.

uv resin torch

UV resin has its advantages, but also its disadvantages in application. It is suitable for specific applications where it is unrivalled:. UV epoxy resin is, for example, ideally suited for jewellery pendants and other small-format castings.

The Limino UV Resin convinces by its high quality and transparency. It cures under UV light within 1 to 2 minutes and forms relatively few air bubbles compared to other products. The price is relatively attractive for the quantity and with g it is sufficient for many pieces of jewellery or other projects. When choosing a UV lamp, it is important to keep in mind the power of the lamp and the size of your workpieces.

It is advisable to invest in a UV lamp under which the cast piece can be held. They have a higher output are more practical in operation.

UV torches are tedious to hold by hand, have less power and you are therefore more exposed to any vapours that may escape. The size of the interior is important so that you can cure several pieces at the same time and therefore also fit bulky shapes underneath. The power output should be at least 4 watts to be able to harden even larger shapes within a useful period of time. There are several factors that affect how long it takes for your resin artwork to cure.

The size, thickness and type of embedding influence the duration of the curing process. For small jewelry pendants, it takes about to seconds between layers. For larger collage pieces with thick layers, it can sometimes take twice as long. The ambient temperature and humidity also have an influence.

The first layer should be applied really wafer-thin. If you apply too thick a layer, unsightly bubbles and cavities can form which cannot be removed. You need at least 4 watts to cure your UV Resin. You can use all colors, which are usable for normal epoxy resin. Just give a little drop of resin color or pigment into your UV resin and mix it really well.

We use cookies to optimize our website for you and to be able to improve it continuously.M any users of epoxy resin ask themselves what exactly UV resin is all about. For what kind of project should UV Resin be bought? In the following we would like to offer you a comprehensive overview of interesting facts on this topic.

In addition to a test of different UV resins and a detailed processing instruction with many valuable advices you will also find tips where you can buy good quality UV curing resin. So-called UV resin is very similar to the usual epoxy resin, but there are some differences, especially with regard to processing:.

All in all, the legitimate question arises for which projects UV resin can bring you advantages or is the easier to process alternative to other epoxy resins.

Although the processing of UV resins offers specific advantages, certain disadvantages must be taken into account. For certain applications, however, you should definitely consider using UV resin because of its unbeatable advantages:.

The DecorRom UV resin offers you high quality and excellent material transparency. Under the light of a UV lamp this ready mixed resin hardens within a period of about 1 to 2 minutes. It is also characterised by a particularly low formation of air bubbles during processing.

In the package size of grams this UV resin is sufficient for the production of numerous jewellery elements and castings and can also compete with other products in terms of price. For a quick and easy introduction to the exciting hobby of UV resin molding you can also buy fully equipped kits. For your first attempts with UV resin we would also like to recommend the practical UV resin set from Joligel: In a packaging unit of ml you can buy this UV resin, which is absolutely satisfying for its price, directly in a set with the required UV lamp.

It is a rather low viscosity resin with a high product quality, which does not tend to yellow very much. These materials are suitable for mixing UV resin with suitable inks and other suitable additives:. In direct comparison, both stationary UV lamps and UV flashlights offer certain advantages and disadvantages.

But you should in any case pay attention to the light output of such a lamp and the size of its interior. Especially if you use it more often, we would recommend you to invest some money in a high quality UV lamp. Sometimes you can also buy a perfectly suitable UV lamp in a set with the UV resin. Then you can simply hold your castings in the silicone mold with your hand under the UV lamp and do not always have to handle a torch.

In addition, UV torches usually have a lower light output and you are more exposed to the vapours that may be produced when using them. UV lamps are often housed in a case that is specially designed for curing nail polish.

You should therefore make sure that the interior of your UV lamp is large enough. Ideally, you can put several molds in at the same time for curing and also place larger silicone molds in it without any problems.UV Resin is often promoted as a practical alternative to conventional epoxy resins.

But how exactly does this resin differ from other casting resins? And for which workpieces is it particularly suitable? Furthermore we will tell you where you can buy cheap but still high quality UV resin. UV resin belongs to the group of synthetic resins. Compared to conventional epoxy resin, however, there are significant differences, especially in the way it is processed.

Like any other material, fast drying resin has both advantages and disadvantages. However, there are some objects for which the use of UV resin is simply unbeatable.

From our UV resin comparison, the Limino UV Resin emerged as the clear winner thanks to its transparency and very good quality. We were also convinced by the relatively low price for which this high-quality resin is available.

If you want to start right from start with casting, you can buy a UV Resin Kit, which contains everything you need for casting UV Resin. What is important for a good Kit? A high-quality UV Resin, a UV lamp with enough power to harden you Resin within minutes, resin paintings that can be mixed well and resin molds with fine surface, so you can unmold your hardened castings without any problems. The UV Resin Kit we can recommend is from. Caution: The chemical reaction during the curing of the resin causes a strong heat development.

Take care not to burn yourself on your workpiece. When purchasing a suitable UV lamp, the performance and the size of the interior should be the deciding factors. The output should be at least 4 watts. This is the only way to make use of the great advantage of UV resin, the curing within a few minutes, even for larger workpieces.

Hint : To cure unusual, bulky shapes or several pieces at the same time, it is important to ensure that the interior of the lamp is sufficiently large. Basically, we recommend that you give preference to a UV lamp over a UV flashlight. These are simply much more practical to use, as you can simply hold or place your work piece under the light source to dry and do not have to hold it all the time.

Furthermore, UV lamps usually have a much higher output than corresponding flashlights. The exact duration of the curing process depends on several external factors and also on the nature of the workpiece itself. If you have made a small jewelry pendant, t hen you will need on average to seconds each for the drying of the individual layers.Fulfillment by Amazon FBA is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

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ArtResin Artist's Studio Torch

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