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Wk180c problems

The BCL is a non restricted, semi-automatic, rifle made in Canada. Note, this is Gen3 of this rifle. This was a mistake. I gave BCL months to fix the issue and helped by shooting slow motion videos to show that the issue was ejection related. These design choices probably help the rifle feed well, but the result of this combination was that the rim of the ejecting case slipped out of the pocket and off the claw instead of hanging on to it and flicking it out of the port.

In my opinion, this is an unforced design error. Any deviation from the known working formula should be viewed with suspicion. I gave their support 3. Once I replaced the ejector, the rifle ejected just fine. The single stage broke at around 6lbs with almost no creep or grit. The stock that comes on the gun from the factory has adjustment fingers that extend below the stock. These can catch on a rear shooting bag and cause the stock to collapse under recoil.

Replacing the stock with a quality aftermarket stock would be an improvement you should look at if you own a BCL and this stock. V3 of the BCL has lost some weight. I weighed the forend and it was As a comparison, the SLR Helix is 8. The forend that came with my WKC is about the same length but it was only grams, less than half the weight. Note that because the upper blends in with the BCL upper, they might look goofy with a new, lightweight forend.

OK, it comes with some issues, but is it better than the Stag 10 at a lower price point? The BCL has the right side bolt release as an advantage over the Price per feature wise, the Stag 10 and BCL are actually really close once you add everything up like this.

1- WK180-C Mods

When the BCL was the only non restricted AR10 analog, people could deal with the design bugs because it was the only game in town. By Adriel on March 18, in Rifle Reviews. Please think of the environment before printing this website.There is a safety recall underway for certain serial numbers of Kodiak Defence Inc.

WKC rifles.

Wk180c review

The company reports the voluntary recall is due to a faulty bolt carrier. Some of the carriers can become brittle and break near guide rod holes. The recall notice indicates they know of 7 rifles with the issue as of the date of the release May 2, Kodiak Defense Inc. The rifle, chambered in 5. This rifle weighs 7. This recall covers rifles produced from 21 Dec 18 β€” 30 Apr 19, with serial numbers ranging from CA to 19CA Not all serial numbers within this range will be affected, however all affected customers are encouraged to follow the procedure below.

In an effort to improve our products, we began adding nitriding to the heat-treatment process used on our bolt carriers. This was done to enhance the long-term wear resistance of the bolt carrier, but has resulted in some bolt-carriers becoming brittle and breaking near the rear guide rod holes.

At this time, we are aware of seven bolt carriers that have experienced this issue. Any customer with a serial number in this range is encouraged to return his bolt carrier to us. Those which were nitrided will be replaced with a new one that has only been heat-treated.

Those bolt carriers that were not nitrided will be returned to the customer with an inspection mark. The previously announced upgrade for those concerned about their magnetic cocking handles is not covered under this recall, but is currently being tested. The procedure for this upgrade will be announced once the testing phase is complete. Bolt carriers that user magnetic cocking handles which are not found to be nitrided will be returned to the customer by default, unless the customer indicates that he would like to pursue the threaded-in upgrade.

Kodiak Defence is committed to the highest quality standards and we wish to apologize to our customers affected by this recall.Morgan β€” April 6, Great upgrade. This is a must for any WK. Anthony Burningham β€” May 20, Anthony Burningham verified owner β€” June 5, Works well, takes time to work in. I tested it out by using a quarter ti block the magazine and it seems to fly free easily enough.

Abner Gomez verified owner β€” June 17, Work well sometimes. If you put a new loaded mag or no mags and you pull back on the charging handle the bolt will not go forward to close the action. The bolt release is a bit too thick. So I find that where the E-clip goes into the lever pin inside the lower receiver that can create more tension on the bolt release making it more stiff and by doing so when you shoot your wkc and you reload a new mag and you go to pull the charging handle if you decide to do that the bolt release will not go down and release the bolt forward.

So having bolt release a bit thinner so there is not a lot of tension between the lever pin and the bolt release can help. If not maybe the safety spring that has more tension on it can help make the bolt release go down if you decide to pull back on the charging handle.

Alex verified owner β€” March 3, Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. Bolt Catch and Release Upgrade Kit. Rated 4. In order to allocate who gets them in order of ordering. If the part is out of stock when you order, delivery will be approximately weeks. Bolt Catch and Release Upgrade Kit quantity. Additional information Weight g. Rated 5 out of 5. Excellent comms from the staff at RWA, too.

Rated 4 out of 5. Add a review Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Add to cart Details. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!Never have so many of our suppliers, so many of our contacts, and so many of our readers said the exact same thing in response to our announcement that we had one to test, and this is the comment that we have heard, over and over and over:. No middle ground. We agree. This is a gigantic moment for Black Creek Labs.

But to explain why will take a few moments, so bear with us until we get back to the rifle. NEA has a complicated history in its own right: they began as a small manufacturer of popular accessories for the Vz.

The NEA15 was built in Canada, and priced below a thousand dollars, which at the time was a scorching bargain. Only mass-produced Chinese guns came close in price, and NEA15s flew off the shelves and into the hands of Canadians. During this phase of growth, NEA quietly pursued a goal that many thought impossible: the development of a non-restricted AR The concept hinged on what was for most a long-forgotten tidbit of gun lore: the fact that the AR10 was developed before the AR This is important for one simple reason: the AR10 is restricted in Canadian law only because it is listed as a variant of the restricted-by-name AR And, to be fair, the overwhelming majority of AR10s in production today are, in fact, scaled-up renditions of AR15s.

But the minds at NEA were restless. What if, they wondered, someone were to start over? What if the very first, theoretically non-restricted, AR10 design became the foundation of a whole new rifle? Would it not be non-restricted? And if a non-restricted semi-automatic rifle, retaining many of the features that make the AR series so popular, could be made…the achievement would be singular. A modern hunting rifle, with all of the advantages of the modular AR system.

Finally, Canadians would have access to a rifle equivalent to the gun that utterly dominates the market just south of the border. That is, if it could be done. If the rifle worked. The news that a non-restricted entry for the NEA semi-automatic rifle in.

Jeff Hussey, the mad genius behind Northeastern Arms, had been right. He had persuaded the RCMP firearms lab that his research was correct, his timeline was accurate, and his design was independent of the restricted AR The new rifle was a reality. The classification is rock solid. After years of work and countless setbacks, the legal war was over.

The rifles began production.Note: The WKC as pictured has been customized by me. Sorted by platform and attributed by compatibility. The T97 is the civilian export model of the QBZ which is the modern Chinese standard infantryman rifle, only chambered in 5. So far I can tell from Day 1 that the show will be a great success!

The try before you buy idea is a great concept in general and especially great for guns. Non restriced comes with 1 mag. We'd like to use cookies to improve your experience when using our website, to track usage statistics, and to show relevant ads to you when browsing other websites. It is being produced as a work-around for the restricted range only status of the AR Makes me wonder what other waffling is happening behind the scenes. Brownells is your source for Lower Receivers,Receivers at Brownells parts and accessories.

In short, the Kodiak Defence WKC Semi-Auto Rifle is designed and manufactured in Canada to provide an affordable, reliable, lightweight rifle for recreational shooting. Unless you want to spend more money. Share on Facebook. Add to Wish List. Born of the ocean's fury and the wind's wrath, Gozreh is Magazine Description: Dhanam, Kerala's own business magazine, was launched in and is the No. This thread is archived. The BHO problem could be the customer's Put down a small deposit and break the rest of the cost into 3 more equal payments!

Created with Sketch. Barrett M Take a peek at our collection of charging handles and charging handle parts. The WKC is designed and manufactured in Canada to provide an affordable, reliable, lightweight rifle for recreational shooting. Some of the cheaper ARs have a better finish and machining.

Write a review. For more information on this rifle, click here! The UTG x44 30mm compact scope. The upper receiver is finished with a rail to allow the fitting of optics or iron sights, sights not included. Top Sellers. Address: 75 W Beaver creek Unit Maybe you were just holding on tighter? Overall, though, this is an awesome and consistent video review.

See more ideas about Guns, Hand guns and Firearms. Norman Gray reviews the AR mags for quality. Please enter a valid email address. Just transfer over your lower receiver parts. Share on Twitter. This is an awesome option If you're looking for a nonrestricted Semi in or 5.

Current Stock: Enter your email address to be notified when this item is back in stock. It installs into the ejection port and right-hand side charge-handle slide and prevents brass from impacting and marking the receiver by deflecting ejected shells forward.Only firearms and ammunition require a PAL license to purchase.

Wk180c review

We ship across Canada via Canada Post or Canpar. From testing it has proven to be reliable and lightweight, great for recreational shooting. The Upper has been outfitted with a standard M Picatinny rail for you to mount any optics, or sights not included. Comes chambered in 5. Machiavellian β€” May 2, I own one and it has been nothing but trouble. Go to Canadian Gun Nutz, Reddit, etc.

Do your research. Poor quality control and Kodiak is using customers as paying beta testers. Warranty is grey at best. It shows promise but is half baked. Travis store manager β€” May 3, Thank you for the review. I believe there was a recent recall for the WK Bolt Carrier Groups, please email us and we will send you the recall notice to see if your rifle is effected.

Mark Mahnic β€” June 23, Joseph β€” September 9, Great Rifle awesome over shots in first two weeks no issues. It is the latest version of it and it is great. All my friends loved it.

Andrew Lee β€” January 10, Buying Canadian made sure beats buying Chinese. Springfield Armory M1A. GSG Conversion Kit. Russian Simonov SKS 7. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Kodiak Defence WK C 5. Rated 3. Notify me when the item is back in stock.

Email Address. Features 5.Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More Rules New Posts.

Wolverine Supplies is Bringing Some New Hotness Back To An Oldie

Next Last. Thought I should give this its own thread, after getting a couple of upvotes in the AR15 deal thread. It can also use AR barrels, shoulder stocks, triggers, and magazines. It can use non-dovetail AR grips and AR15 handguards with enough clearance for the above barrel piston system.

There is currently a waiting list to get one, though they are also fulfilling orders to gun shops in the same queue, so you may see it pop up in your local gun store. What does non-restricted mean? Unlike the AR, which is restricted to the rangeyou could take this to shoot targets, gopher's, coyotes, etc out in the countryside wherever you're allowed to legally carry a firearm.

YMMV Wolverinesupplies. The upper receiver is finished with a rail to allow the fitting of optics or iron sights, sights not included. She is chambered in. Standard AR15 type magazines are used.

The free float railed hand guard allows for the attachment of your favourite accessories. Medium Heavy. Last edited by Ustauk on Sep 4th, pm, edited 1 time in total. I've been keeping my eye on these, already got enough non restricted toys but this really is a great priced option. Gonna wait and see if they run a Christmas special or anything. Good post OP, not enough firearms related deals in here. The aluminum blocks they machine the upper and lower receivers from could be sourced from an American manufacturer who specs them out for gunsmiths, but who has to in turn pay the tariff to get the bulk raw aluminum from Canada.

The same goes for the steel they make the barrel from. And they are buying off the shelf stocks and triggers to save money, which again to subject to incoming or outgoing tariffs. That kind of cross-border logistics is why the auto industry is desperate to get some kind of trade deal going; a Dodge Challenger or Charger built in Canada with many American and possibly Mexican parts would be a nightmare to deal with in assessing tariffs, and all those costs would be passed on to all North American consumers.

Price isn't hot, but keep the gun threads coming, this is a new side RFD I like. With any luck we'll flip a few gamers to vote open carry along the way. Thanks gentlemen. Nothing from wolverines supplies should be on hot deals. In the world of online shopping I don't know how they can survive.


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